Guest blogger Elsha Stockseth provided the race report for the 2018 Salt Lake City Marathon: 

Elsha is one of Walking with KPeasey in Utah's first athletes. She is a strong ambassador and advocate for inclusion within the racing community.

For some reason I was extremely nervous for this race. I don’t know why I was but it was quite bad. I was a bit excited as it was my first race of the year for Walking with KPeasey in Utah. They are a great group that helps assisted athletes be able to participate in different events especially running. I was able to choose my pusher so I chose my friend Wanderley Reis. I was really worried about being cold but luckily the team was allowed to meet at the university guest house until it was time to walk to the start line. We had 5 assisted athletes doing the half marathon and 3 running the 10k. Once the starting music began most of my nerves were gone and I was excited to run. The first few miles were very fast and crazy trying to get through the mass of runners. Just before the 5th mile we had a collision with another runner as we were leaving the aid station. Luckily nobody was injured, just a bit bounced around and it turned out that the guy we hit was a good friend of Wanderley's. We made a quick stop to get me a tissue and to fix my head from the bump but then we were back to the race. We raced along with our friend Wan Ho Jerry Kou for a little bit but he was pacing the full marathon. It was cool too because Joe Guttenplan with KP had a bike and was on the course taking pictures of us and cheering for us. We came across the finish line in 2:03. I was quite happy with that even though he was trying to get a sub 2hr. It was fun to see so many of my friends after we finished. I even surprised my friend Corey Skinner with his favorite post-race treat, cheetos. He LOVED that! Then I was happily surprised to see my friend Jonathan Moss finish the marathon, I didn’t even know he was running. It was great to hang out with the KP team afterwards. I am honored to be part of such a great team and to have so many people and runners to support me.